How my journey as a developer started at age 13.

A Brief story on my journey so far.


Greatly inspired by a similar article from a friend , I decided to write my own story on how I started my journey as a developer.

AGE 13 — JSS3

I first learnt about the meaning of computer programming during the holiday after my B.E.C.E (or Junior W.A.E.C as it is popularly called). I needed to choose a career to work towards as I would be entering senior school the following year. After searching for a long time without results, I decided to make enquiries on the Internet about The top 10 richest people in the world. From the list I saw, most of them were computer programmers (or were involved in the tech industry). Then I decided,“I will become a Computer Programmer”. So yes the reason I ventured into programming was because of MONEY…sorry if you were expecting more.

Then I thought about it “What actually is computer programming?”, I was pretty sure I remembered something like that from my Information and Communications Technology (ICT) class at school but I had forgotten. I searched for the meaning of computer programming on Google and I couldn’t understand any of the definitions. Frustrated, I proceeded to check the ICT textbook I used in Junior School. I saw something along the lines of “Computer programming is the act of instructing the computer to perform specific tasks…” Well, that was a better explanation compared to what I saw on the Internet. I also saw “Types and Examples of Programming Languages” which I already knew from my ICT class.

I still wasn’t satisfied with the explanations the textbook gave so I decided to read about the people I saw on the Internet. First on the list was BILL GATES who was the richest man in the world (in 2016) with a net worth of about 90 BILLION DOLLARS (if i remember correctly). I read about his love for programming and how he and his friend (Paul Allen, now late) developed the world’s most used operating system — Microsoft Windows. “Cool!” I thought to myself. The second person I read about was Mark Zuckerberg and I found out that he created Facebook with his friends in his college dorm and it later expanded to become the world’s most used social media networking site. These stories gave me that Naruto-like drive and I was eager to start programming. I had one problem though — I had no computer!

AGE 14 -15—SS1/SS2

Luckily for me, I was given a desktop as an award from NIIT. Ecstatic, the first thing I did when I got it all set up was download python and PDF versions of some python books. After my first week of learning python, I was already writing scripts which were very unusable and inefficient in my school computers (I also downloaded python on some of them). However, after two months I quit python due to frustration (I blame the book I was using at the time). I then decided to learn JAVA because I was interested in creating Android Apps later on.

Learning JAVA was a very challenging and enjoyable experience (Thank you Head First Java!) and after some months of learning, I was already creating mini desktop applications using Javafx. At this point, I decided to learn how to create Android Apps using Android Studio.

To be honest, it was a very frustrating period because I had to stay on top of my school work at the same time. I suspended programming till the next holiday. Holiday came and I resumed android development. I also took an Electronics Design and Coding course at Center4Tech. I mainly used YouTube (especially the channel — thenewboston) to learn. At the end of the holiday, I was in the middle of creating of my first app and I had co-created a “Smart Car Seat” with my friends as part of our group project at Center4Tech.

School resumed and I had to suspend my programming (again!) till the next holiday. When the next holiday started, I continued creating my app (which was sort of a Math tool) and by the end of the second holiday I was done, I had even created another app — a password generator.

Current Age 16 — Out of Secondary school

In 2019, I graduated from Secondary School and i was really relieved that i wouldn’t have to go on “programming breaks”. I decided to drop Android development because I wasn’t really “feeling it” anymore. I moved to Web Development (specifically front end) and I started with the book — HTML & CSS: Design and Build Web Sites by Jon Duckett. Since then, it has been an amazing journey. I’ve learnt HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Design Fundamentals, Designing with Adobe XD and I’m looking forward to learning JQuery, React.JS, Bootstrap and many other technologies to help me deliver work of more quality.

I started programming for the money but I’m in it because I love it and I hope to learn more in the years to come.

Here are some of my web designs




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Thanks. You inspired me too.

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Really glad I did!

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I always tell people apart from the part that you love what you do have a drive beside you something that pushes you to do more Is it money, Is it to travel the world, Is it changing the world, Good write up